Etats Schengen

Etats Schengen on your Schengen visa. Many people ask us what Etats Schengen means. Etats Schengen is often mentioned in many discussions and questions and answers on the web related to Schengen visa.

You can find the words or the expression Etats Schengen in your passport on your Schengen visa on the line that says "valid for". The line "valid for" determines to which countries you can travel with your Schengen visa.

Etats Schengen Etats Schengen (or more precisely États Schengen) translated into English simply means "Schengen states", and you can use such visa to travel to any state within the whole Schengen zone. Here is list of Schengen states just in case you were wondering which those are.

If you visa does not say Etats Schengen, it probably says the name of some country. In that case, the visa allows you to travel to that country only.

Etats Schengen translated

You can take a look at a sample Schengen visa on our Schengen visa image page. The table below provides translations of Etats Schengen.

FrenchÉtats Schengen
GermanSchengener Staaten
AustrianSchengen Staates
EstonishSchengeni riigid
Czechstáty Schengenu
Hungarianschengeni államok
ItalianStati Schengen
LatvianŠengenas valstis
LithuanianŠengeno valstybėse
Maltesel-Istati ta' Schengen
PolishPaństwa Schengen
SpanishEstados Schengen
Slovenianschengenske države
Slovakishštáty schengenského priestoru

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