Schengen Information System

The Schengen information system constitutes a number of systems and databases which are used to share information about travelers moving between Schengen member countries and about Schengen visa applicants.


SIS stands for Schengen Information System and SIS II is the new second-generation Schengen Information System. Schengen Information System is a governmental database system used by all European countries for the purpose of maintaining and distributing information related to border security and law enforcement.


EURODAC is a database system which includes fingerprints of asylum applicants.


VIS stands for Visa Information System. Visa Information System is another database and information system used to collect information about travelers. Visa Information System is aimed at preventing visa shopping and to improve the possibility to return illegal immigrants.


TACHONET is an information system used for tracking commercial vehicles. This system is a communication infrastructure for exchanging information on Tachograph Cards for trucks.


CECIS is the Civil Protection and Environmental Emergencies European Network (CECIS).

Schengen information system


Europol is the European Union law enforcement organization that handles criminal intelligence. Their information databases are not primarily used for Schengen visa application processing but include information about individuals and can be contacted in some cases within the visa process.


FADO is a network constituting the Councils European Image Archiving System. This system is used to facilitate the exchange of information between member states. This system is used to confirm genuine and detect false documents in the area of immigration and police cooperation.

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