Schengen visa categories

Schengen visa comes in several Schengen visa categories based on the purpose of your travel or stay. Depending on what you state in your Schengen visa application, and what type of visa you request, you will get your Schengen visa in one of the following categories: A, B, C, D, D+C.

The category of your visa will be written on your Schengen visa on the "TYPE OF VISA" line in your passport. See the Schengen visa image on the following page for illustration where you can find this.

Schengen visa categories

Schengen visa is available in the following five categories:

Schengen visa Category A refers to an airport transit visa. Schengen visa category A is required for a few nationals for passing through the international transit area of airports during a stop-over or transfer between two sections of an international flight. The requirement to have this Schengen visa category A is an exception to the general right to transit without a visa through an international transit area of an airport.

Schengen visa categories Schengen visa Category B is a transit visa. Schengen visa category B is required by nationals who are not allowed to travel visa-free for travelling from one non-Schengen country to another non-Schengen country. The Schengen visa category B is for passing through the Schengen area. Each transit may not exceed five days.

Schengen visa Category C is for short-term stays. This is the most common visa. Schengen visa category C is issued for reasons other than immigration. Schengen visa category B entitles its holder to carry out a continuous visit or several visits whose duration does not exceed 90 days in any half-year from the date of first entry.

Schengen visa Category D is so-called national visa. Schengen visa category D is issued by a Schengen country in accordance with its national legislation and with respect to the some other conditions. The national visa allows the holder to transit from a non-Schengen state to the Schengen country which issued the national visa within five days.

Schengen visa Category D+C combines the functions of the Schengen visa category D and Schengen visa category C. The Schengen visa Category D+C is intended for long-term stay in the Schengen zone members state that issued it, and also to travel in the Schengen area like a holder of a category C visa. The Schengen visa category D+C is for those who live and work in a Schengen state.

Schengen visa categories on the Schengen visa form

You specify the type of your requested visa on your Schengen visa form in the box 22.

Type of Visa : Airport transit / Transit / Short stay / Long stay

You can download a copy of a Schengen visa form on our Schengen visa forms page.

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