Schengen visa picture

This page provides a Schengen visa picture, that is a picture of a document called Schengen visa which is a special document that nationals of certain countries (see Who needs Schengen visa need in order to be able to travel to states in the Schengen zone.

This Schengen visa picture is provided for reference purposes only and personal information has been blacked out.

The Schengen visa picture provided below includes the clause "SCHENGEN STATEN"; therefore, we know this Schengen visa good for all Schengen zone countries.

Schengen visa picture

The Schengen visa picture shown below displays Schengen visa categories C and D. Category C is tourist visa. Caregory D is work visa. See the following page for more information about Schengem visa categories: Schengen visa categories.

Schengen visa picture

See the word "MULT". The word MULT in the Schengen visa picture shown above means that this Schengen visa is good for reentry to the Schengen zone. Its holder can leave the Schengen zone and come back as long as he or she satisfies conditions for stay (see Schengen visa for more details).

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Good luck with your Schengen visa applicaton process.

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