Registration Certificate

UK registration certificate is a confirmation of the right to reside in the United Kingdom under European Community law.

Who needs a UK registration certificate

Nationals of certain countries are required to register with the UK police if they are entering the UK for more than six months. Information about the requirement to register with the UK police is provided on your visa.

When a UK registration certificate is not issued

The UK registration certificate is not normally issued to the individuals who:
  • a) are in the UK for a short visit
  • b) do not work in the UK
  • c) cannot support themselves without help from public funds
  • d) have been registered on the Worker Registration Scheme for less than 12 months
  • e) are Bulgarian or Romanian job-seeker or workers subject to the worker authorization scheme

Where do I apply for a UK registration certificate

registration certificate Applications for the UK registration certificate are submitted to the UK police. In London, police registration is made at the Overseas Visitors Registration Office (OVRO).

Individuals residing outside of London can register at the nearest police station specified as a registration office.

How can I apply for a UK registration certificate

Applications for a UK registration certificate (form EEA1 - Application for a registration certificate by Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss nationals residing in the UK and their EEA or Swiss national family members) are available from the UK Border Agency website ( This form may also be used by the European or Swiss family members of the main applicant if they also wish to obtain a Registration Certificate.

   UK registration certificate PDF UK registration certificate application form (PDF)

A number of documents are required for the application, such as the following:
  • Evidence of identity (passport or identity card) of the applicant
  • Documentation proving that the applicant is living in the UK under EU legal rights (employment agreement, study report, etc.)
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificates or birth certificates to prove the family relationship between all applicants
  • Two passport photographs
More information about what is needed for your registration certificate application can be found in the Registration Certificate Guide.

Cost of a registration certificate

A local registration fee is applied to an initial registration certificate.

How long is a registration certificate valid for

UK registration certificates have no expiration date.

Registration certificate for a family member of an EEA citizen

UK registration certificate Family members of EEA citizens (except citizens of Bulgaria, Romania or one of the countries listed here: Worker Registration Scheme) are exempt from the worker registration scheme. Such family members can obtain a residence card (instead of residence certificate) that confirms their status. (application form EEA2)

Questions about Registration Certificate

You are welcome to ask your questions and discuss Registration Certificate in this discussion forum.

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