Schengen visa application

Schengen visa application, officially named Application for Schengen Visa, is a special document that allows you to apply for Schengen visa. Schengen visa is a document that citizens of certain countries (see Who needs Schengen visa for more details) need before they can travel to most states in Europe (more precisely the Schengen zone).

This page provides information related to the Schengen visa application as well as links to where you can download the Schengen visa form itself.

Schengen visa application

Schengen visa application

The Schengen visa application form is available for free in most widely-used languages. You can download a copy of a Schengen visa application form (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German) from our Schengen visa application download page: Schengen visa form DOWNLOAD.

One Schengen visa application form is good for any visa category (see here for more on Schengen visa categories).

Schengen visa application requirements

Schengen visa application requirements Schengen visa application requirements vary from country to country, and may change over time; therefore, you should always check with your local foreign service mission in the country from which you are applying before you submit your Schengen visa application. The following is a list what is usually requested:

  • Completed Schengen visa form (Application for Schengen Visa)
  • Passport photo (see Schengen visa photo requirements)
  • Copy of all used pages in your passport
  • Written invitation from a reference person in the country to which you travel
  • If the reference persion is your relative, then you need some official documentation proving that
  • Documentation of sufficient funds for the stay or a guarantee declaration issued by the reference person
  • Schengen visa fee
  • Proof of valid travel and medical insurance (see Schengen visa insurance for more details)

In most cases, it is sufficient to submit copies of your documents with the application. However, you have to present the original documents when you hand in your application or when you to the interview.

Schengen visa application guide

Where to submit the Application for Schengen Visa

You submit the Schengen visa application at the Embassy or Consulate of the Schengen country where you spend the most time on your trip. For example, if you travel to Europe, and you plan to stay 2 days in France, then 1 day in Germany, and 1 day in Switzerland, you would submit your Schengen visa application to the French embassy (Ambassade de France).

If you live in the UK, see the following page for a list of Embassies located in the UK: List of Embassies in London.

When to file the Schengen visa application

If you require a Schengen visa to travel to Europe, you need to apply before travelling. Allow plenty of time for processing!

How to file the Schengen visa application

In most cases, the Schengen visa application must be submitted together with all necessary documents in person at the Embassy or Consulate responsible for your place of residence. Some Embassies or Consulates accept Schengen visa applications delivered via a courier or mail or even on-line applications.

In order to avoid time-consuming requests for additional documentation, contact your Embassy or Consulate about any special local requirements pertaining to your Schengen visa application, Application for Schengen Visa.

Application for multiple entry Schengen visa

In most cases, your Schengen visa application will get you a one-time entry Schengen visa. You can however mention in your Schengen visa application that you would like to get a multiple entry Schengen visa which will allow you to enter the Schengen area repeatedly. Note, not all embassies issue multiple entry visas. Some embassies prefer to only issue a single entry visa.

Schengen visa application and UK residency requirements

If you are a foreign national and live in the UK, there are some special restrictions that apply to you. You need to have at least three months left on you UK immigration visa at the time when you return back to the UK.

How long it takes to process my Schengen visa application?

The time it takes to process your Schengen visa application greatly varies between each country. Processing your Schengen visa application and obtaining your Schengen visa can take anywhere from one day to ten weeks (or longer in some cases). It really depends. Call the Embassy in your country to inquire about Schengen visa application processing times.

Applications for special Schengen visa entitling the Schengen visa holder to a longer stay beyond the regular period or to employment may take several months to process.

Schengen visa application fee

In general, the Schengen visa application fee is EUR 60.00, but there are some exceptions that may be applicable to your case or nationality. Take a look at the following page: Schengen visa fees.

Schengen visa aplication insurance

It is important not to forget about travel insurance when submiting your Schengen visa aplication. Travel insurance including medical coverage and repatriation is required when you file the Schengen visa application. The actual repatriation clause needs to be presented to the Consulate at the time of the Schengen visa aplication submission. See here for more details: Schengen visa insurance.

Schengen visa application special considerations

If you mail your documents to the Embassy or Consulate instead of submitting them in person, we strongly advise that you send your Schengen visa application and related documents to the Embassy or Consulate by Special Delivery if possible. Ask your Post Office staff to show you how you can send your Schengen visa application by Special Delivery.

Can I appeal against a decision if my Schengen visa aplication has been rejected?

Yes, you can. If the foreign service mission has rejected your Schengen visa application, you can submit an appeal to the foreign service mission within three weeks. The foreign service mission can either reverse its decision or forward the appeal to its superior.

Questions about Schengen visa application

You are welcome to ask your questions and discuss the Schengen visa application process in our discussion forum. You can find two threads related to Schengen visa application for example here: Can I work in Germany with the Schengen visa? or here Need Schengen visa to travel from UK to France? (I am from India).

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